Ph.D. in Educational Statistics and Research Methods

Ph.D. in Educational Statistics and Research Methods

The doctoral program develops professionals in the areas of educational statistics and research methods. Coursework is focused on theoretical and applied statistics in an educational context, however courses include applications of research methods and statistics to a variety of academic fields. Graduates will be prepared for employment in higher education; local, state, and national educational agencies; research and policy organizations; and industries with internal data analysis needs.

The increased emphasis on educational accountability and data-driven school improvement both in Arkansas and the nation has led to greater demand for experts in educational statistics and research methods. The Ph.D. program in Educational Statistics and Research Methods will develop professionals who can lead in these areas.

Admission Requirements:

Admission to the Graduate School;
Earned master's degree;
A GPA of 3.25 in the most recently completed degree program; and
GRE scores of at least 550 Quantitative, 550 Verbal, and 3.5 Writing (higher scores in one area can compensate for lower scores in another)

Degree Requirements:

45 semester hours and 18 hours of dissertation credit for a total of 63 hours;
Cumulative grade average of 3.25, with no credit for courses with a grade of "C" or lower; and
Requirements of the Graduate School, including residency and passing a comprehensive examination

Program of Study:

36 Hours of Core Courses

EDFD 5373 Psychological Foundations of Teaching & Learning
EDFD 5683 Issues in Educational Policy
ESRM 6403 Educational Statistics and Data Processing
ESRM 6413 Experimental Design in Education
ESRM 6423 Multiple Regression Techniques for Education
ESRM 6453 Applied Multivariate Statistics
ESRM 6513 Advanced Experimental Design
ESRM 6523 Advanced Multiple Regression
ESRM 6533 Qualitative Research
ESRM 6553 Advanced Multivariate Statistics
ESRM 6613 Evaluation of Policies, Programs and Projects
ESRM 6653 Measurement and Evaluation

9 Hours of Elective Courses from the following:

ESRM 5653 Educational Assessment
ESRM 6993 Seminar: Advanced Topics in Measurement
ESRM 6993 Seminar: Categorical Data Analysis
ESRM 6993 Seminar: Exploratory Data Analysis
ESRM 6993 Seminar: Structural Equation Modeling
ESRM 6993 Seminar: Survey Research Methods

Selected Math Department and Quantitative Courses as approved by ESRM Faculty

18 hours of ESRM 700V Doctoral Dissertation