Educational Psychology

Graduate Certificate in Educational Psychology

Educational psychologists work in schools and universities, businesses, industries, and other learning and developmental settings. They study how children and adults learn, develop, and adapt in educational and organizational settings in order to improve teaching, learning, and/or training. To achieve this goal, educational psychologists conduct research on environmental dynamics, teaching/training styles and learning variables.

These professionals perform the following duties:

  • Develop educational tests
  • Evaluate educational or training programs
  • Consult schools to implement teaching and testing changes
  • Consult with businesses and industries implementing changes or evaluating programs

Graduate Certificate in Educational Psychology

The graduate certificate in Educational Psychology recognizes students who take a concentrated core of courses focused on educational psychology. Students who earn this certificate develop a foundational understanding of educational psychology theories, application of theory to educational practices and evaluation, and methods for identifying issues that arise in the learning process for learners of all ages.

Program of Study

  • EDFD 5373 Foundations of Teaching and Learning
  • EDFD 5573 Lifespan of Human Development
  • EDFD 5673 Principles of Motivation
  • EDFD 5773 Advanced Topics in Educational Psychology

Two courses from the following (6 hours):

  • ESRM 6413 Experimental Design
  • ESRM 6423 Multiple Regression Techniques for Education
  • ESRM 6653 Measurement and Evaluation

Please note: EDFD 5773 will be offered spring 2013 (only offered spring of odd years)