Educational Measurement

Graduate Certificate in Educational Measurement

The graduate certificate develops professionals in the areas of measurement, testing, and assessment, through courses in the area of instrument development and research design. Graduates can obtain employment with educational agencies and industries with assessment and research analysis needs.

Program of Study

  • ESRM 5653 Educational Assessment
  • ESRM 6403 Educational Statistics and Data Processing
  • ESRM 6653 Measurement and Evaluation
  • ESRM 6753 Advanced Measurement

One course from the following (3 hours):

  • ESRM 6613 Evaluation of Policies, Programs, and Projects
  • ESRM 6633 Seminar: Survey Research Methods

And one course from the following (3 hours):

  • ESRM 6413 Experimental Design
  • ESRM 6423 Multiple Regression Techniques for Education